Co Z Teas

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This Co Z Teas tea cosy fits a 6 cup globe tea pot with a mid-to-lower spout.

Approximate dimensions:

Maximum diameter is 150mm or 6 inches (15cm / 6")
Height is 130mm or 5 inches (13cm / 5")

This product is made of "wool" (mixed fibres, usually acrylic). It will fit different shapes and sizes.

The dimensions given are a guide only.
Please see the pictures for the actual cosy fitted to our 6 cup pot.

The teapot is not included.

Co Z Teas (cosy teas) specialises in hand knitted tea cosies.

Panda Cosy
We have 2 alternatives for the Panda cosy.

This one has the face knitted-in using the ‘spikey’ yarn.

The alternative has the face made from ‘regular’ yarn seperately and then stitched on.